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Collaborative Leadership

Creating a Culture of Collaboration, Innovation, and Speed

Most organizations in today’s rapidly changing, global business world are operating in highly integrated, matrix-type structures and moving away from silos. This shift, while very positive from a business standpoint, can easily lead to organizational challenges for team work and cross-functional collaboration. Problem areas can include trust, conflict, and misunderstandings, all of which can dramatically slow decision making and execution.

Collaborative Leadership will equip leaders with all of the critical insights, skills and strategies to unlock the potential of these highly integrated structures and help create a culture of collaboration, innovation, and speed. The program offers many proven, practical, and easy-to-learn skills, including: self-awareness to understand your strengths and weaknesses, building highly collaborative teams, facilitating win-win discussions, blending agendas, and influencing multiples stakeholder. Leaders will learn the key behaviors to build and maintain effective collaborative cultures.

Collaborative Leadership can be taught in an organizational or team-based approach. In an organizational approach, leaders will learn skills to collaborate effectively across boundaries, cross-functionally, shared services, and across different business segments and/or divisions. In a team-based approach, leaders will learn how to increase team collaboration to an optimal level.

Core learning objectives include:

  • Collaborative Communication
  • Optimizing Diversity of Thought and Creating a “Feedback Rich” Culture
  • Removing Barriers to Collaboration and Innovation
  • Facilitating Collaborative Meetings


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