Executive Stamina

Powerful – Practical – Proven

Seminar Objectives

  • Increase your energy and endurance both for the task at hand and for your entire career journey
  • Create a sustainable, balanced path to achieving your full career potential

Key Components

In depth comprehensive self-knowledge:

  • How the Laws of Diminishing Returns and Gradual Change are impacting your professional and personal life
  • What is currently on your plate?
  • Where are the gaps between your stated priorities and how you actually spend your time?
  • How is stress impacting your results and well being?
  • What are the specific causes of most of your unwanted stress?
  • What is the best use of your time?
  • Why certain labels and patterns lead to unproductive use of your time?
  • Which organizational savvy blind spots are putting your career at risk?

Easy to learn, easy to use skills and systems:

  • The MINIMUMS System
  • The SHIFTS/DRIFTS Tracking System
  • Stress Management Skills for home, office and travel (including self-talk, tranquility, yoga)
  • Progressive fitness plans
  • Nutritional tips for sustained energy
  • Optimizing time techniques
  • Organizational Savvy strategies
  • Positive relationship practices
Client Endorsments