Organizational Savvy

Despite excellent intentions, many corporate employees, managers, and executives are too narrowly focused on their own facts, logic and analysis. Assuming our results will speak for themselves, we may become the victims of other behind-the-scenes forces operating in our organizations. We may not build enough support for our ideas, or be blind to hidden agendas, power relationships, and the politics with which decisions are sometimes made. We could be short-changing ourselves out of career opportunities or diminishing our influence and impact. We may not receive proper credit or recognition, and may even be vulnerable to sabotage by other more power-driven colleagues or bosses.

This keynote presentation will help you to adjust your attitudes about power and politics, confront your own naiveté about organizational dynamics that are often swept under the carpet, and recognize tip-offs that you may be vulnerable. This fast-paced speech will help prevent you from being passed over, under-estimated, rendered expendable or even purposely blocked from implementing your ideas or being promoted.

The presentation provides an overview of various political styles within organizations, as well as practical strategies for protecting yourself from over-political colleagues or bosses. You will leave more empowered with ethical politics for greater organizational impact, more strategic influence and visibility, and increased career movement, while holding onto your integrity.

The Organizational Savvy model shows how power, ego, turf, ambition, self-promotion, hidden agendas, deception, “managing the airwaves,” trust, relationships and integrity can impact your career and company. The Organizational Savvy seminar delves deeply into these often “unspoken” areas of organizational life, with the purpose of helping the right people and the right ideas be successful and creating and maintaining a high integrity and learning culture. Using case studies and skill practices, over 50 proven ethical skills and strategies are presented. The objectives include:

Career Management

  • Understanding the actual “scorecard” for your current role and the one you want next
  • The awareness of the “corporate buzz” on how to ensure that it is accurate
  • How to build and maintain a wide and influential network
  • Gaining the skills of how to read where people fit on the Organizational Savvy Continuum and the implications in interactions
  • High integrity and effective self-promotion
  • Understanding the power and the problem of the Limbic System

Influence Persuasion

  • Understanding the cultural norms and taboos
  • Understanding Power dynamics and Key Relationships
  • Factoring in Turf, Ego, Hidden and Conflicting Agendas
  • Blending Agendas
  • Creating Allies and Advocates
  • Learning Executive Vocabulary
  • Understanding when to use “verbal discipline”
  • Creating Win-Win situations and “Soft” No’s

Creating and Maintaining a High Integrity Organization and Fostering a Learning Culture

  • Modeling Integrity
  • The ability to detect deception
  • Understanding who to trust and not to trust
  • The ability to “Filter and Screen” misleading or self-serving information

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