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Optimum Associates Announces New Women’s Leadership Training Program

DAVIE, FL – November 3, 2015 — Optimum Associates, a global leadership development and training company, today announced the launch of its Women’s Leadership Training program. The program is designed to equip women leaders with techniques and skills that meet the specific corporate challenges and realities they face as they advance their careers, with the ultimate objective of helping them optimize their careers, impact, and influence.

The Women’s Leadership Program offers proven and practical approaches which were developed over 30 years of ongoing coaching and training thousands of female leaders. These careers have been closely tracked over the years, providing Optimum Associates with first-hand insight into which skills are crucial for sustained career progress. With a focus on the “unwritten rules” and “invisible hurdles” women face, the program includes candid discussions about attitudes towards Power, Perceptions of Toughness, Mental Toughness, Giving Away Power, Politeness, Self-Promotion, Executive Presence, and Self Care at the office and home.

“In the program we take a balanced approach.” said John Futterknecht, President and Co-Founder of Optimum Associates. “Women's strengths and leadership advantages are highlighted, while we also pinpoint the risks of overusing those strengths or using them in the wrong situation. We are very proud of this unique philosophy to women’s leadership training and have already seen positive results from existing clients around it.”

Participants will leave the program with skills and strategies allowing them to:

  1. Leverage their strengths and competitive advantages
  2. Protect themselves in areas where they are vulnerable to being underestimated, pigeonholed or marginalized
  3. Effectively manage their career and navigate corporate life.

To learn more about this program visit www.optimumassociates.com, email , or call 1-844-515-2424.

About Optimum Associates

With over 30 years of experience, and having coached over 2,000 senior leaders one-on-one, Optimum Associates specializes in equipping leaders with essential skills to optimize performance. Widely recognized for our expertise and real-world approach, Optimum Associates provides leaders with practical, proven, and easy-to-learn skills to help them and their organizations be successful. Our concepts result in rapid skill acquisition and behavior change, for immediate and visible impact. Every skill Optimum teaches can be used in all aspects of life, where the same skills that drive performance and career, also lead to less stress, better health, and stronger relationships. To learn more visit www.optimumassociates.com.

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