The Optimum Difference


Optimum Associates’ co-founder Dr. Marty Seldman is recognized as one of the world's most accomplished coaches and trainers. Since 1986, he has coached over 2,000 leaders and trained tens of thousands of individuals. He has leveraged this experience to create some of the industry’s most compelling and effective leadership concepts, skills, and strategies. All of Marty’s knowledge and insights are rooted in our development services. That’s the Optimum difference.

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Woman's Program: Breaking Through


Finally a program is available that equips women leaders with techniques and skills that meet the specific challenges and realities they face as they advance their careers. Breaking Through offers proven and practical approaches which were developed over 30 years of coaching and training thousands of female leaders. This program consists of skills and strategies which we have witnessed first-hand to be crucial for sustained career progress.

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Latest Blog: Resilience


Facing setbacks or severe challenges, Resilient people have attitudes and skills that allow them to regain their confidence, composure and concentration. Their main advantage is that they have learned what NOT to do in these situations. An easy way to examine both sides of resilience is to think of a 1 year old trying to walk. When babies are on the cusp of walking they might fall down 25 times in a day. But each time they fall they do 5 wonderful things.

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